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    Aquapet Limited

“We are the ultimate Pet Store because we are passionate about bringing only the best quality products for your pets!”


Our Philosophy

Aquapet provides everything your pet would need in their world. We believe that pets are entitled to a good and healthy living just like us! Thus we have built a team of pet-loving and understanding staff that will cater to your pets requirements without hesitation.

Our Passion

30 years ago when owning and caring for pets was a luxury for most, Aquapet introduced aquariums for those most passionate about it! With this continued spirit we look for unique, useful and healthy products for your pets use and consumption for without pets our world would be a sad place.


Our Vision

We aim to be the best at being able to understand and provide for your pets needs at all times. We only hope to get better at it with you by our side.

Our Services

Aquarium services on a monthly basis – we offer aquarium cleaning and care service on monthly and yearly contract terms only*.

Delivery services – When you purchase an aquarium from us (depending on the size) we deliver it to you as per your location, time availability and convenience. In addition, we send an experienced staff to set up your aquarium for you. Set-ups are limited to Nairobi and Mombasa, currently.

Upcountry deliveries – Are you located upcountry where you cannot access quality dog, cat or fish products? Call our Kijabe street Branch and we will arrange a delivery to you.* We use delivery services via NTL to make deliveries upcountry.

Wholesale – We supply dog and cat food on a wholesale basis to supermarkets, vet clinics etc. We also sell our pet food at wholesale prices to companies and individuals who purchase in large quantities and on a regular basis*.

*Terms & Conditions Apply.