Utamaduni Plate

StoreAT PRESTIGE PLAZAUtamaduni Plate First Floor +254 (0)719 288 120 +254 (0)741 288 120 +254 (0)701 288 120 Utamaduni Plate  Mon10:30-21:00 Tue10:30-21:00 Wed10:30-21:00 Thu10:30-21:00 Fri10:30-21:00 Sat10:30-21:00 Sun10:30-21:00



StoreAT PRESTIGE PLAZARossetti Ground Floor +254 (0)115 484 336 operations@casabella.co.ke www.rossetticasalinghi.com/ke Rossetti Rossetti is a premier and a very well known brand among Kenyan shoppers since year 1996 when the brand was launched in Kenya. It is a preferred brand with 80% of the kitchens in Kenya with mid to high end having at least…

Food Patio

StoreAT PRESTIGE PLAZAFood Patio First Floor Food Patio Satisfy your taste buds with great tasty food from our fast food restaurants at Prestige Plaza Food Court located on the 1st Floor. Enjoy African, Indian & Chinese Cuisines, Barbecue & Grills plus fast foods like Pizza, Chicken n Chips, Fish n Chips and Burgers. The children…

Grill Street

StoreAT PRESTIGE PLAZAGrill Street First Floor +254 (0)701 288 120 +254 (0)741 288 120 +254 (0)719 288 120 Grill Street Grill Street offers a meaty menu! Choose from our well marinated and succulent Chicken Tikka, Chooza & Poussin Chicken, Kebabs, Steak, Ribs and traditional Nyama Choma.  Mon11:00-21:00 Tue11:00-21:00 Wed11:00-21:00 Thu11:00-21:00 Fri11:00-21:00 Sat11:00-21:00 Sun11:00-21:00

Tex Fry

StoreAT PRESTIGE PLAZATex Fry First Floor +254 (0)701 288 120 +254 (0)719 288 120 +254 (0)741 288 120 Tex Fry TEX FRY serves Rotisserie Chicken and Chips, Fish n Chips, Burgers and Shawarma with a variety of homemade sauces to tickle your palette.  Mon11:00-21:00 Tue11:00-21:00 Wed11:00-21:00 Thu11:00-21:00 Fri11:00-21:00 Sat11:00-21:00 Sun11:00-21:00

Twiga Terrace

StoreAT PRESTIGE PLAZATwiga Terrace First Floor Twiga Terrace  Mon09:00-21:00 Tue09:00-21:00 Wed09:00-21:00 Thu09:00-21:00 Fri09:00-21:00 Sat09:00-21:00 Sun09:00-21:00

Tried & True Menswear

StoreAT PRESTIGE PLAZATried & True Menswear First Floor +254 (0)745 442 702 +254 (0)733 860 068 Tried & True Menswear Find amazing men’s fashion at amazing prices. Visit Tried & True Menswear for a range of the latest men’s clothing including suits, shirts, trousers, shoes and accessories.  Mon08:30-19:00 Tue08:30-19:00 Wed08:30-19:00 Thu08:30-19:00 Fri08:30-19:00 Sat08:30-19:00 SunClosed

Mogo Finance

StoreAT PRESTIGE PLAZAMogo Finance Ground Floor +254 (0)768 469 112 info@mogo.co.ke www.mogo.co.ke Mogo Finance Mogo Finance provides car financing for used cars and logbook loans with clear conditions and long repayment periods for all makes and models of cars without limitations on the age of the car.  Mon08:00-17:00 Tue08:00-17:00 Wed08:00-17:00 Thu08:00-17:00 Fri08:00-17:00 Sat09:00-13:00 SunClosed

Prestige Play Park

StoreAT PRESTIGE PLAZASPrestige Play Park Rooftop Parking +254 (0)710 602 246 info@prestigeplaza.co.ke Prestige Play Park Come have all the fun you can have at the Prestige Play Park. Activities include a merry-go-round, playpen, skating, bouncing castle, star jump, face painting, go-kart, trampoline, chuchu train and much more. Enjoy a fun family day out every Saturday…

Prestige Cinema

StoreAT PRESTIGE PLAZAPrestige Cinema Second Floor +254 (0)706 777 303 +254 (0)732 777 303 cinemas@prestigeplaza.co.ke    Prestige Cinema Prestige Cinema revolutionises entertainment! Visit the state of the art 2-screen cinema located on the 2nd Floor at Prestige Plaza to experience the very best in 2D and 3D. You can purchase movie tickets and confectionery directly from the…