Utamaduni Plate

StoreAT PRESTIGE PLAZAUtamaduni Plate First Floor +254 (0)719 288 120 +254 (0)741 288 120 +254 (0)701 288 120 Utamaduni Plate  Mon10:30-21:00 Tue10:30-21:00 Wed10:30-21:00 Thu10:30-21:00 Fri10:30-21:00 Sat10:30-21:00 Sun10:30-21:00

Food Patio

StoreAT PRESTIGE PLAZAFood Patio First Floor Food Patio Satisfy your taste buds with great tasty food from our fast food restaurants at Prestige Plaza Food Court located on the 1st Floor. Enjoy African, Indian & Chinese Cuisines, Barbecue & Grills plus fast foods like Pizza, Chicken n Chips, Fish n Chips and Burgers. The children…

Grill Street

StoreAT PRESTIGE PLAZAGrill Street First Floor +254 (0)701 288 120 +254 (0)741 288 120 +254 (0)719 288 120 Grill Street Grill Street offers a meaty menu! Choose from our well marinated and succulent Chicken Tikka, Chooza & Poussin Chicken, Kebabs, Steak, Ribs and traditional Nyama Choma.  Mon11:00-21:00 Tue11:00-21:00 Wed11:00-21:00 Thu11:00-21:00 Fri11:00-21:00 Sat11:00-21:00 Sun11:00-21:00

Tex Fry

StoreAT PRESTIGE PLAZATex Fry First Floor +254 (0)701 288 120 +254 (0)719 288 120 +254 (0)741 288 120 Tex Fry TEX FRY serves Rotisserie Chicken and Chips, Fish n Chips, Burgers and Shawarma with a variety of homemade sauces to tickle your palette.  Mon11:00-21:00 Tue11:00-21:00 Wed11:00-21:00 Thu11:00-21:00 Fri11:00-21:00 Sat11:00-21:00 Sun11:00-21:00

Twiga Terrace

StoreAT PRESTIGE PLAZATwiga Terrace First Floor Twiga Terrace  Mon09:00-21:00 Tue09:00-21:00 Wed09:00-21:00 Thu09:00-21:00 Fri09:00-21:00 Sat09:00-21:00 Sun09:00-21:00

Bamboo Express

StoreAT PRESTIGE PLAZABamboo Express First Floor +254 (0)701 288 120 +254 (0)741 288 120 +254 (0)719 288 120 Bamboo Express We serve delicious and finger-licking tasty Indo-Chinese meals which will satisfy your taste buds.  Mon11:00-21:00 Tue11:00-21:00 Wed11:00-21:00 Thu11:00-21:00 Fri11:00-21:00 Sat11:00-21:00 Sun11:00-21:00

Sugarcane Juice

StoreAT PRESTIGE PLAZASugarcane Juice Ground Floor +254 (0)722 245 444 kutubeysenterprise@gmail.com Sugarcane Juice Welcome to the world of fresh sugarcane juice. 100% Kenyan, natural with no added sugar or preservatives.  Mon08:30-21:30 Tue08:30-21:30 Wed08:30-21:30 Thu08:30-21:30 Fri08:30-21:30 Sat08:30-21:30 Sun08:30-21:30

Nairobi Java House

StoreAT PRESTIGE PLAZANairobi Java House Ground Floor +254 (0)719 741 264 prestige@javahouseafrica.com www.javahouseafrica.com    Nairobi Java House In 1999, we introduced coffee drinking and gourmet café culture to Kenya. As we grew, we created more spots where people could enjoy the Java experience conveniently. Our coffeehouses would not be what they are without the effort,…

Kasap Butchery

StoreAT PRESTIGE PLAZAKasap Butchery Ground Floor +254 (0)723 900 758 joheagencies@gmail.com Kasap Butchery The shop deals with prime meat: beef, poultry, goat meat, fish and mutton.  Mon07:00-19:30 Tue07:00-19:30 Wed07:00-19:30 Thu07:00-19:30 Fri07:00-19:30 Sat07:00-19:30 SunClosed

Ozone Pizza

StoreAT PRESTIGE PLAZAOzone Pizza First Floor +254 (0)701 288 120 +254 (0)741 288 120 +254 (0)719 288 120    Ozone Pizza Ozone Pizza offers traditional and unique Pizza made with freshly prepared dough and drizzled with our secret sauce recipe, dressed with real cheese and a selection of toppings, baked to perfection.  Mon11:00-21:00 Tue11:00-21:00 Wed11:00-21:00 Thu11:00-21:00 Fri11:00-21:00 Sat11:00-21:00 Sun11:00-21:00